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Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur
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Dear Friends, I was fed-up of harassment at CAW Cell under NWD due to which I filed a complaint against dirty cops NWD & also I filed Perjury against my Wife.

If your beloved wife suddenly leaves your home & files multiple cases on you then you need to study her CAW Plaint & NCR & Plaint in DVC, FIR Copy, Complaint under Divorce/RCR, 125 CrPC Plaint Copy & any other complaint filed by her.

RULE OF THUMB: Howsoever smart she or her lawyer is, still, if the plaint is false then you will find many many many loopholes/lacuna in it which can be presented & argued vehemently to win a perjury case against her. 
YES, You read it correct. You can file Perjury against her for lying in court with an intention to misled the justice.

Remember, If MM doesn't take cognizance of your Perjury Application, then you have an option to file Perjury Revision u/s 341 in Sessions. Similarly, after Sessions comes the High Court & then comes the Supreme Court. This might seem a costly affair to some people but I filed perjury by appearing PIP (PARTY-IN-PERSON) in my case so there is least possible cost involved.

Friends, Please understand that It is NOT easy to goto court & raise a finger on anyone (espl when the Plaint is false).
Whosoever (wife) does it (false complaint) raises one finger on prospective accused, one finger on god & three finger on herself.
Now, look carefully on these three fingers which a wife who files false & vexatious complaint on husband raises on herself.
As a husband you need to understand these three fingers.
The names of these three fingers are:-
(1) RTI
(2) Perjury
(3) CrPC 91

With these three tools one can finish these false cases with relatively least efforts as compared to those who believe in Neck-Below-the-Sword-Tactics.

Perjury is a fight-back tool.

Atur Chatur provides consultancy at a fees. 

Call Atur Chatur # 9873540498 (New Delhi)

You can get consultancy at following stages:-
(A) Before Marriage
(B) After Marriage & Before CAW/PS/Court Drama by her
(C) After She leaves your home & before CAW/PS/Court
(D) After CAW or within CAW
(E) After CAW & before FIR
(F) After FIR & before Charge-sheet
(G) After Court Case/s on you
(H) After spending long years in court cases but NOT finding a way out.
(I) Before Live-in
(J) During Live-in
(K) Case Filed by Live-in 
(L) Ex-Wife files case on you/ your Live-in
(M) Ex-Livein partner files case on you/wife/both
(N) Cases filed on Relatives
(O) Cases filed on Non-Domestic Relatives
(P) Cases filed on Senior Citizens or Septuagenarians
(Q) Cases filed on NRI's with intentions to Extortion
(R) Cases filed on Non-Resident Indians
(S) Cases filed on Foreign Country Settled Indians
(T) Cases fit for Quashes of DVC &/or 498a
(U) Dismissal of Cases due to Absenteeism of Plaintiff

Atur Chatur provides consultancy at a fees. 

Atur Chatur (pen name) is B.Com, M.Com, M.Phil, UGC(NET)++. 
He is Ex-Lecturer at UNIVERSITY OF DELHI.
He was associated with ETHICS at University of Delhi.
He fought PIP (Party-in-Person).
He drafted his own WS, RTI, FA, SA, CrPC 91, Perjury & Paper Tigers.
He became RTI Activist due to false cases & SOCIAL STIGMA.
His complaint against dirty cops N/WD is at Courts in Delhi.

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Call Atur Chatur # 9873540498 (New Delhi)

Vidyavaan Guni Ati Chatur, Ram Kaj Karibe Ko Atur